Project Description


Game Design: Andreas Walters
Layout: Andreas Walters
Illustration: Johnson Ting
Editing: Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell, Ross Bundy, Lael Buchanan
Contributions From: Ross Bundy, Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell, Reece Ambrose, Andrew Bowman, Nicholas Guttenberg, James Waddell

Size: 6×9 in | 102 pages
Published: 2014
Recognition: Gold Medal seller on DTRPG

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Was intended to be a quick project as I prepared to launch the Owlbear Plush Kickstarter project. Following the same modular format of the Baby Bestiary, this project looked to create a diversity of characters that were granted sentience through the awakened spell (or other means), and how they would try to make their mark in the fantasy world of D&D.

Project Challenges

  • Scaling the project was intended to be a small soft-cover however, with how well the project was doing, we wanted to upgrade to hardcover. We did so, but it came at the cost of confusion for many backers.