Project Description

Baby Bestiary Handbook Volume 2

Creative Director: Andreas Walters
Authors: Alana Currie, Ben McFarland, Ben Woerner, Brie Sheldon, Devon Oratz, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Eloy Lasanta, Jacob Wood, Jason Pitre, Joel Sparks, John D. Kennedy, Laura Montomery-Hurrell, Richard Bellingham, Ryan Schoon, Sarah Richardson, Stephanie Bryant
Layout: Andreas Walters
Editing: Gareth Hodges, Emma Hespa Mann, Sam Mellor
Core Illustration:
Supplemental Artists: Vincent Yau, Adafa Aji
Editing: Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell, Ross Bundy, Lael Buchanan

Size: 8.5×11 in | 96 pages
Published: 2016
Recognition: 2017 Ennie Nominee, DTRPG Platinum Best Seller

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The second and final Baby Bestiary handbook, further exploring adorable creatures and how to rear and befriend them. This Kickstarter was unique as we bundled it in with a reprint of Volume 1. The scope of this project was pretty straightforward, repeat the success of the first volume using the same content creation process. Although the first volume had 25 creatures, the second explored 41 creatures.