Project Description

Non-Player Cards

Game Design: Andreas Walters
Layout: Andreas Walters
Illustration: Eren Arik
Contributions From: Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell, Karl Larsson

Size: 50 cards | 8 decks
Published: 2015
Recognition: Ennie-Nominated

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Was my first Kickstarter project, and there was a lot to learn. I wanted to break away from creating supplements and break into my own style of products, systemless, or rather tools and companions that could be used by any ttrpg player for any system. The NPC deck started from a supplement (Notable Ninth Worlders) in which we were creating a NPC generator, with discussion from our the other contributors, we agreed that this would best sit as its own product/project.

Project Challenges

  • Kickstarting. This was our first Kickstarter project, and there was a TON of hustle in getting it to succeed.
  • Art. the scope of this project was massive, we were producing 400 pieces of concept art. We ended up booking our artist, Eren Arik, full time for several months with payment milestones and checking to get everything in on budget and on-time.
  • Printing. Our first truly printed project in addition before we had established our fulfillment network. We ended up using Indie Press Revolution to house and ship our product.