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Project Description

Owlbear Plush

Project Lead: Andreas Walters
Concept Artist: Vincent Yau
 Soft Toy Designs
Manufacturer: Happy Worker

Size: smol and fluffy
Released: 2021/2022

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Ever since the success of the Baby Bestiary Handbook Volume 1, I’ve wanted to expand the Baby Bestiary into a brand that goes beyond cute lorebooks. The first avenue that I felt was the most obvious to expand into, was plushes. After several manufacturers and designs,

Project Challenges

  • Prototyping (see Developing the Owlbear Plush) was quite the challenge, in developing a suitable design that was cute and worked in plush form.
  • Scope this was the largest project I’ve since worked on, with a total budget of over $300k and producing more than 14k owlbears, it really tested the infrastructure that we had been building over the years.


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