Project Description


Inverviews by: Joshua Mendenhall
Published by: Metal Weave Games
Project Oversight: Andreas Walters
Interviews from: Teos Abadia, Justice Arman, Banana Chan, Beith Baker, Beadle & Grim’s Team (), Mork Borg Team (Johan Nohr and Pelle Nilsson), Emily Care Boss,  Stephanie Bryant, Craig Campbell, Joe Desimone, Rico Evangelho, Cat Evans, Daniel Fox, Shanna Germain, Mattias Johnsson Haake, James Introcaso, Jaron Johnson, Jon Kelly, Daniel Kwan, Rich Lescouflair, Miguel Lopez, Jessica Macrum, Matthew Mercer, William Murakami, Amit Moshe, Elisa Teague, Chris Spivey, Lucia Versprille, Andreas Walters, Ashley Warren.

Size: 10×12 in | 102 pages
Published: 2021

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Polyhedral is a book by Joshua Mendenhall and published by Metal Weave Games featuring a series of interviews with veterans and professionals across the tabletop industry.

Although the project is not mine, I served as the financial sponsor of the project, pre-funding initial development, and marketing prior the launch of the crowdfunding campaign. Post-Crowdfunding, I paid artists and editors, for their work on the book, and held check-ins with the project creator to go over timeline and status.

Project Challenges

  • Oversight This was a project that I had green-lit and sponsored, with that, there was involvement from me in the project (aside from my own interview). Most was verifying budget, managing post-campaign, and fulfillment.

Content Contained

  • (1 page) Forward, exploring the impetus of the project
  • (100 pages) Transcribed Interviews, exploring stories and beginnings of various creators and publishers in tabletop rpgs.