Capital Resource Information System (C.R.I.S)

I did not collect screenshots of older projects, I apologize for the lack of visual aids.

The SFMTA Capital Financial Planning & Analysis and Grants team, was looking for a tool to be the System of Record for the organization’s grant processes, as well as a place to house the team’s Capital Investment Plan. The contract for the system was awarded to California Associates (CA), who planned to leverage and modify their Clarity PPM platform to suit our needs. With this project, CA sent an Implementations Engineer to assist with configuring the system to suit the needs of the team.

My responsibility in this project was to not only assist in the translation of workflow, and ensuring features were implemented and preserved. But in addition to assisting with data-population, standards, QA, and training staff on how to use the application.


There were two sides to CRIS

  1. Managing the entire grant process (both local and federal) for all grants in the organization from initiation to close-out.
  2. To be the system of record for the 5-year CIP (Capital Investment Plan). This involved tracking all of our funding sources on an annual basis and allocating funds to projects within the org.