Project Description

2021 Baby Bestiary Calendar

Design: Andreas Walters
Layout: Andreas Walters
Illustration: KMSteer Illustration

Size: 11×8.5 in | 14 pages
Published: 2020

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The continuation of our beloved annual Baby Bestiary calendars. Each year features a different artist and their take on the adorable creatures from the Baby Bestiary.

Project Challenges

  • Schedule, consistently the hardest things with schedules is finishing the calendar and getting them delivered to backers before the new year. Typically this means we need to start the process of art in May/June, so that we can have most of the pieces by the pre-order period (September/October) and print by October/November (in the US) so that delivery can start (November/early December).

Content Contained

  • (13 pages) of illustrated baby beasts formatted as a calendar.