Project Description

Naval Perils

Creative Director: Andreas Walters
Design: Andreas Walters, Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell, David Schirduan, Karl Larsson
Andreas Walters
Artists: Adam Vehige, Alex Ruiz, Avi Odenheimer, Bob Kehl, Candis, Chris Howard, Eren Arik, Lamble Mathieu, Manthos Lappas, Marissa Rivera, Michal Kus, Shylow Miller, Terry LH, Waffle
Editing: Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell, Ross Bundy, Lael Buchanan
Contributions From: Ross Bundy, Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell, Reece Ambrose, Andrew Bowman, Nicholas Guttenberg, James Waddell

Size: 6×9 in | 37 pages
Published: 2014
Recognition: Silver Medal seller on DTRPG

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A companion to Naval Encounters, Naval Perils was our first product where we sought out art pieces on popular sites (like DeviantArt) and asked the creators if we could use them in this publication as so long that the product was free and that a link to the artist’s bio was clearly presented. The supplement contains locations, vessels, and creatures, that would fit in the world of Numenera.

Project Challenges

  • IP Rights. Obtaining the rights to these works was an interesting process, and we didn’t continue it for future works as we could afford to pay artists for our projects. It worked alright as a brand new creator, but not very sustainable for quality products