Project Description

Notable Ninth Worlders

Game Design: Andreas Walters
Andreas Walters
Writing: David Schirduan, Andreas Walters, Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell, Karl Larsson
Illustration: Eren Arik, Conor Burke, Fil Kearney, Giorgio De Michele

Size: 6×9 in | 30 pages
Published: 2015
Recognition: Electrum Best Seller on DTRPG

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With the weird world of Numenera we wanted to create a book of unique characters that Game Masters could reference and pull upon in their games. As part of this supplement, we wanted to include a character generator but that spun off into its own project, Non-Player Cards. With the success of our other projects, like the Baby Bestiary Volume 1, this was our last 3rd- party Numenera supplement.