Project Description

Scavengers RPG

Creative Director: Andreas Walters
Game Design:
Karl Larsson
Layout: Andreas Walters
Illustration: Travis Hanson
Editing: Gareth Hodges

Size: 8.5×11 in | 140 pages
Published: 2015
Recognition: Copper Medal seller on DTRPG

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The first project that I had where I was not a lead mechanics designer. Karl was a constant contributor and had a game he was working on and I wanted to help him launch and publish. Scavengers is a light-hearted, beer-and-pretzles style game where you are a faction of scavengers trying to make a living in the midst of a massive intergalactic war. Each ship is its own mini-adventure set with unique dangers and wacky characters.

Project Challenges

  • Partner Project. I was not the designer of the project but had to translate his vision into art spec and create a visual layout design that emulated the project.
  • Scale. Unlike the Baby Bestiary books, the volume of this project was significantly less, which meant we couldn’t use offset printing for the book (without investing $3-4k). This project was fulfilled through DrivethroughRPGs fulfillment.