Polyhedral Inverviews by: Joshua Mendenhall Published by: Metal Weave Games Project Oversight: Andreas Walters Editing: TBD Interviews from: Teos Abadia, Justice Arman, Banana Chan, Beith Baker, Beadle & Grim's Team (), Mork Borg Team (Johan Nohr and Pelle Nilsson), Emily Care Boss,  Stephanie Bryant, Craig Campbell, Joe Desimone, Rico Evangelho, Cat Evans, Daniel [...]

Atlas Animalia


Atlas Animalia Creative Director: Andreas Walters Layout: Andreas Walters Illustration: Sarah Dahlinger Contributions From:Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Annamarie Mickey, Bake Bullock, Elizabeth Sander, Carol Darnell, BJ Hensley Editing: Carol Darnell Size: 8.5x11  in | 169 pages Published: 2017 Recognition: Electrum Best seller on DTRPG View Product Background I had wanted [...]

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