Scavengers RPG


Scavengers RPG Creative Director: Andreas Walters Game Design: Karl Larsson Layout: Andreas Walters Illustration: Travis Hanson Editing: Gareth Hodges Size: 8.5x11 in | 140 pages Published: 2015 Recognition: Copper Medal seller on DTRPG View Product Background The first project that I had where I was not a lead [...]

Baby Bestiary Volume 1


Baby Bestiary Handbook Volume 1 Creative Director: Andreas Walters Writers: Alana Currie, Den Woerner, Brie Sheldon, Devon Oratz, Eloy Lasanta, Jacob Wood, Jesse Butler, Joel Sparks, John D. Kennedy, Karl Larsson, Laura Montgomery-Hurrell, Mikaela Baree, Richard Bellingham, Ryan Schoon, Sarah Richardson, Vickey Beaver. Layout: Andreas Walters Core Illustration: Conceptopolis Editing: Gareth Hodges, Jeremy Land [...]

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