Ride Integrity Redesign

My primary duties at Integrity Vehicle Solutions, was to lead the improvement, customization, and implementation (practically everything) of the RideIntegrity platform at the SFMTA (my prior employer). During my time there, it became clear that the product was riddled with issues, that a series of change orders and bug fixes was to much and would take too long to resolve all problems that were present.

Part of these issues stemmed from poor documentation that was handed to the team, which didn’t reflect current SOPs, and the other part was difficulties with offshore developers which required very very strong guidance and QC. At the time, the client (SFMTA) was getting uneasy about the state of the project, and to help improve relations, I created redesign document and strategy which was presented to both management and the client to realign the project.

The slide below are from that presentation which included wireframes of the revised workflow, functions, reporting, and features. This presentation ultimately saved the contract that we had, and allowed us to continue implementing the project.