When to Quit: A study on Taxi Drivers

A study on Taxi Drivers Taxi drivers provide an ideal setting for testing various models of labor supply, however given their long history there is actually very few studies investigating their behaviour (this has probably shifted a bit now that Ridesharing platforms have gone mainstream). I saw this as an opportunity and during my [...]

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Taxi Strategy

Taxi Strategy Having spent the early parts of my career in the SFMTA's Capital Financial Planning & Analysis division, we spent a lot of time working on the strategic and financial plans of all of the divisions in the agency. As I moved into the Taxi Division (because I was curious about seeing other [...]

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Capital Resource Information System (C.R.I.S) I did not collect screenshots of older projects, I apologize for the lack of visual aids. The SFMTA Capital Financial Planning & Analysis and Grants team, was looking for a tool to be the System of Record for the organization's grant processes, as well as a place to house [...]

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