Taxi Strategy

Having spent the early parts of my career in the SFMTA’s Capital Financial Planning & Analysis division, we spent a lot of time working on the strategic and financial plans of all of the divisions in the agency. As I moved into the Taxi Division (because I was curious about seeing other sides of the organization), I naturally became the point person for all grant, strategic plan, and capital fund-related projects.

When the time came for the 2-year CIP update, I was asked by Timothy Papandreau (Director of Strategic Planning & Policy) to create the first Taxi Strategy for the department. Historically, the Taxi Division was a more independent part of the agency and this was part of an effort (as well as part of my own goals) to better include and integrate the division into the wider SFMTA multimodal strategic planning process.

This project built on my prior data collection efforts in the Taxi Division as well as workshops and planning exercises with Christiane Hayashi (Deputy Director of Taxis and Accessible Services), Jarvis Murray (Manager of Enforcement and Taxi Services), and Kate Toran (Manager of Accessible Services).


  • Consolidation of Strategic Goals
  • New projects added to the division’s 5-year CIP.
  • Visualization of new trends in the taxi industry (especially in reaction to the emergence of ridesharing applications)
  • Clean Air and renewable energy goals and metrics.